Lördag 1 juni kl 17.00
Filmskaparna Per Bifrost och Alexander Rynéus medverkar.

I samarbete med Filmpool inom Region Jämtland Härjedalen.
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Stekenjokk står årligen värd för några av våra allra mest sällsynta fjällfåglar och deras häckningsritualer. Tyvärr är de nylagda äggen även hett villebråd för samlare runt om i världen och den svarta marknaden är stor. Följ med två dedikerade äggvaktare på ett lågmält men rafflande detektivdrama i fågelskådarmiljö.

Regissörer och filmskapare: Per Bifrost och Alexander Rynéus
Genre: Dokumentär
Språk: Svenska
Subtitles: English
Längd: 29 minuter
Produktionsår: 2019
Producent: Malla Grapengiesser
 Malin Lindström
Musik: Karl-Erik Berglund
Producerad av: Fosfor Produktion i samarbete med Film I Dalarna.
Med stöd av: Konstnärsnämnden, Länsstyrelsen i Jämtlands län, Scandinavian Photo Grant, Filmpool inom Region Jämtland Härjedalen


In Swedens windiest place, the valley of Stekenjokk rare birds try to breed while their eggs are threaten by poachers. Join two dedicated egg guards in a low-key but thrilling detective drama in a bird watching environment

Every year during the month of June, police officer Mimmi and nature guard Håkan patrol Sweden’s windiest place, the valley of Stekenjokk. Eggs thieves ravages in the area where rare bird eggs are laid during the breeding season. Thousands of eggs have been stolen over the years and sold between collectors, a skein of crime that has now been unfolded. The poaching has threatened several species to be extinct. Just this period, spring never seems to arrive at Stekenjokk and the birds have their toughest years so far. The place is incredibly important for the birds, but also for Håkan who lives for the nature and wildlife, despite the fact that his worn down body, which he received after a career as world champion in arm wrestling, makes the work difficult for him. A documentary film about the place, the conversations that appears along the winding road that crosses the valley and the strange situation where the birds are constantly threatened and where everyone is a suspect.

Alexander Rynéus & Per Bifrost
Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus are a director and film duo who have grown up together and studied documentary films at Biskops Arnö. The words of the directors: “We have always thought that it is exciting how we choose to talk about places where we as filmmakers get our thoughts projected through the film but also a process of co-creation between us, the place and the people we meet. Together, a room is created where we want to give the people and the place time. For us, it is a lot to find and capture the small moments in life. The little details that shape us, the little or big we do, what is said and what you do not say “. In addition to Biskops Arnö, Per has studied at Alma Löv manuscript education and Alexander at Kulturama and Konstfack.

Stekenjokk and Äggvaktarna are their fourth documentary film in collaboration with producer Malla Grapengiesser – Fosfor Produktion. Previously award-winning films shown at international film festivals: Malmberget – the Home and the Cavity, Autonomous and Giants and the Morning After